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How To Care When You’re Not There!

Stop what you’re doing and check out what had to be my friend Scott’s best Christmas present ever: the Here Kitty, Kitty Automatic Feline Feeder.


Claire’s Big Day

It was a big day for Claire.

She sat for her Christmas picture.
Cliche Pet with Santa Hat Photo

She went to her friend Barney’s to play.

Ready for Action

And play.

Claire and Barney

And play.

Claire and Barney

She wondered why were weren’t playing.Claire

Then she came home and ate a third of the birthday cake I made to give Karen at work (sorry, Karen). Evidently Claire’s tongue doubles as a surgical knife.

Claire's Leftovers

She had a nice rest in her crate while I yelled at her. She told herself over and over again, “it was worth it, it was worth it, it was worth it” and “man, that was a good day!”

Hiding Out

She’s fine by the way, no “chocolate poisoning” or whatever dogs are supposed to get when they eat chocolate. Though she may be coming down with a case of “owner’s foot up dog’s ass” soon.