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Sweet Caroline

So I was looking for a new place to get my haircut because the owner of the barber shop I was going to made some snide remark to me about one of his other customers. I never trust people who do that, since unfortunately I give people too many opportunities as it is to make me the brunt of unkind comments.

So Karen suggested I try Salon Orange Moon, an Aveda salon near the church.

Called them up and made an appointment with Caroline, who quickly became my latest gay man girl crush. She’s in the picture below. Precious, no?


(Crass price discussion alert) So, check it out! For $25.00 I get Caroline, a neck massage, a hot towel facial, hot tea (or water or even a beer if I wanted it, I think) delivered to my chair, and a second rinse to get rid of the annoying little stray hairs left after the hair cut. Now that’s service.

Run, don’t walk to Salon Orange Moon on Delaware. Caroline’s booking up though, so schedule an appointment guys. And, of course, there are other folks there who can cut your hair, too! Tell ’em Troy sent you.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I put this in Good Home because this kind of treatment makes me a much nicer person at home.