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Princeton U. – A Good Life

I’ve been negligent about posting and checking on my favorite blogs for a lot of reasons, which I’ll explain when I figure them all out myself. One reason I do know of is that I had to prepare for the last of my consulting gigs, this one at Princeton University’s art museum.

While I was there, Caroline (not to be confused with the Caroline who cuts my hair), my host took me to eat lunch in the faculty dining hall where they have a fresh floral arrangement in the foyer every single day.


I loved the contrast between the fuchsia and pink of the flowers against the rust colored walls and wanted to remember the combination for future design inspiration.

I knew Princeton was well financed, but it never dawned on me how well until as we ate I remarked about a beautiful garden outside a nearby window. Caroline said that it was endowed with so much money that they have a hard time spending it, so they change every plant in the garden on a monthly basis, with the exception of the boxwoods and what looked to me like a few arborvitae.

I didn’t have a ton of time to tour the campus, but what I saw was really lovely. Here are just a few photos of buildings I thought were interesting:




Oh, one more fun note. Princeton is an elegant sounding name, isn’t it? Before the school was moved to Princeton and adopted the village’s name, Princeton was known as the College of New Jersey. A good PR move, I think.


IMA Holiday Open Greenhouse

Old Friends

A trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art Greenhouse as a Christmas tradition? Yep. The Greenhouse is open for business year round whenever the museum is, but two Thursday evenings in December the Greenhouse folks, like my friend Lynne above, roll out a therapeutically warm and life-filled holiday welcome. You can pop into the final Open House of the season next Thursday, December 20 (free, open till 8:00 p.m.). It makes a great date night venue.

Warm Greeting

I love the subtle details. This year simple candles burning in the snow were at the gates. In the past, it was red fabric lanterns with tea lights inside.

If you think an emphasis on nature limits your color palette to sage and brown, the Greenhouse staff is ready to blow your mind. I’m thinking about buying this metal tree and all of its ornaments for our house so I can make it through the February and March blahs.

Aviary Tree


If you look closely you can see the guitar player through the window.

IMA Greenhouse

I’ll always need a plant and a smiling-person-pick-me-up to brighten my spirits when winter is bearing down on me. Sue, Lynne, and the Greenhouse crowd always hook me up with both.


Oldfields, the IMA’s American Country Place era estate of which the Greenhouse is a part, is open for free that Thursday, too. The grounds are lit so that you can enjoy the gardens at night. Cold as it was outside, winding through the endless luminaria trails was a calming way to end a typically wild December day.

Oldfields Formal Garden

On the Grounds

On the Grounds