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More on Neutrals with Color

More from September’s Elle Decor. Here is a better shot of Marjorie Gubelmann’s living room. I love the scale and finish of the hanging lantern.

Living room

And here is her dining room with its spectacular hand-painted Gracie wallpaper, proving neutral rooms are happy to live near big color walls. I find it hard to believe that I’ve never had a room this color green. I’ve always loved it.

Green dining room copy

Side note: In Bob Altman’s glamorously stuffy Gosford Park,
a great source of design inspiration if you need it, the billiard room (the room pictured above is actually the drawing room in the film. I couldn’t find a still of the BR but you get the glamour point) is glazed the same color green as the wallpaper above. I think the billiard room is under-painted with yellow. Whatever the technique, the effect gives the space a sturdy glow. In Gubelmann’s dining room, the silver of the Venetian mirrors, the shimmering chandelier, and the small scale of the black bamboo chairs keep the room light and airy. I love it.


Rug Dilemma.

(Loloi Blue Rp04)

Considering buying the rug above to replace the smaller one in our living room below.


I’ve always thought the smaller one was a littly chintzy for the space (impulse buy) but rugs basically only come in two larger sizes–5 x 8 and 8 x 10. I would probably need the 8 x 10 to make a larger rug work since all of the sofa legs AND the desk legs will have to go on it (I’ll have to put it parallel to the walls).