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Color: Neutral with splashes, and High Contrast

Elle neutral room

It’s a good thing great design is timeless because it has taken me forever to post these photos I mentioned from the September issue of Elle Decor. The first one is an example of a simple, neutral space with color used throughout.

purple dining room

I threw in the purple dining room with green and white highlights because I love high contrast spaces when they’re done well. I think the classical lines of the bust, the furniture and the Chinois lantern keep from giving the deep color a nightclub effect. Light a few candles (I would use black) and I would be jonesing for an invitation to that dinner party.


Bedroom Befores and Afters

So here’s the room (sans bookcase, not here yet). Before pics follow.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom Befores

Sitting Area

Bedroom Befores

Sitting area 3

Last Friday I picked up the 8’ x 10’ jute rug from Lowe’s ($168.00 – I’m almost afraid of how cheap it was, makes me wonder if the jute is hiding some exotic parasite or something) and a palm from Costco ($20.00-John’s mom gave me that tip).


Dave and I foraged through T. J. Maxx, William Sonoma Home and Pottery Barn for accessories on Saturday. Found some decent deals (especially at WS Home—candles and a great nautilus shell, which they sold to me even though I think it may have been for display only) and a very cool carved tree root basket from T. J. Max, which we thought John would like (he did). Had to go back on Sunday to return a few items, but not many.

Oh, and I found really good plant deals at Smith and Hawkin. I usually don’t even bother going in there (a little out of my league), but I was sort of desperate for something already potted (even I get tired of shopping eventually). P.S. Did you know S & H offers complimentary potting services for any plant you buy there?

Sleeping area

I wish I were a better photographer. You can’t see the rug under the bed very well. The bedding is from Target, except for the square pillow (Pottery Barn) and the bed skirt which we already had. It’s wrong how much I love Target.

Sleeping area

I think my favorite new things are the chandeliers. They’re drippy and sparkly (you all know I like some razzle with my dazzle). Oh, and I went with the poly sheers. They look pretty good. I probably would have loved the silk organza, but I decided the sunlight would decimate them in a couple of years, and for the money, well, it was $80.00 vs. $240.00 and this was a budget job.

John and I both read a lot in our room, so I still have to bring the books back in (maybe just not all of them) and get the leather piece made for the small chest. We want the room to have a little bit of a library as well as a “Bahamanian” (as Dave says) feel to it, to it. It doesn’t without the bookcase and our usual stacks of books everywhere.

I’m having to enjoy the beachy serenity alone this week. John is gone to Puerto Rico for work again (ugh!). At least he has a nice retreat to come home to. He says he really likes it, though I know it’s hard to compete with an actual beach.

Thanks to all of you who gave us moral support and expertise. And to those of you who contributed time, talent, product and trouble (Linda, Dave, and Mindy), we owe you.   Our psyches are eternally grateful.


Bedroom Status Report 2

Looks like I have a deadline for finishing the bedroom. June 6. Our friend Scott is coming to town for a conference and he’ll need the guest suite, so it will need to be free of the furniture from our bedroom placed there temporarily while we work.

For the sake of scheduling ease (our lives are too complicated to work around someone else at the moment), we’ve decided to do the painting ourselves. Know that I will say at least fifty times as we are painting, “we totally should have hired someone.” John will ignore me, as he should in such cases.

BTW, I like Benjamin Moore paints (also Sherwin Williams, Porter and even Behr-I can’t afford Farrow and Ball), but something it took me awhile to realize is that not all paint stores are alike. Their mixing skills vary. So either get all of the paint you need on one trip or find a good paint store because if you run out, you may well end up bringing back a slightly different color or finish the second time.  That happened to me once, and it annoys me everytime I see the result in our kitchen.

We’ll be using:

Palladian Blue (HC-144 – Eggshell)
from Rollie Williams Paint Spot
5292 E 65th St
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 842-6772

Rollie’s is a Benjamin Moore dealer here in town that I’ve used before with good luck.

Dave, who is in the residential leasing biz, says a cleaning service could do wonders for our carpet and that we really don’t have to replace it. So that should save some trouble and a little money. If I can get him to provide the company’s name I’ll call them and post their info here as a resource for Indy folks.

John is on vacation next week, so we’ll hit the ground running with painting next Tuesday when we get back from Batesville.

I still need to:

Call and order paint
Measure for, then order matchstick blinds and window hardware
Pick up the reupholstered wingback
Take two other chairs to be reupholstered

Keep your fingers crossed and pray for John. As much as I try to be good, I get antsy in the middle of weeks long projects. And I can get kind of sullen towards the end when it seems like the details will never come together.


Blusche and Eggplant

For some reason I love the color combination of this blusche Peony against the eggplant color (color: True Value Harware – River Mud) on our kitchen walls. If I could, I would paint a library with eggplant walls and have blusche colored drapes made from billowy silk (lined) for the tall windows. I think these two colors both look good with a little sparkly gold, so I would use antique brass details and light fixtures.  Crystal would work, too, I think.

Blusche and Eggplant 2

Blusche and Eggplant 3


New Bedroom Update

Just a few updates on the status of the bedroom.

1. Benjamin Moore’s Colorado Gray turned out to be too dark. The final color will be Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. It is actually much closer to the color I posted last time than the actual picture was.

2. John’s mom came over Friday night to wait for the arrival of her youngest son (who oddly enough is also named Benjamin Moore-Linda must may have been channeling her designer instincts with that birth). Ben was driving with his wife Lise here from Texas to unload their furniture into a storage unit and then do some house hunting in prep for their big move. Anyway, we had plenty of time to kill so she helped affirm my color and fabric choices. Then she showed me this great lighting website: If the words “free shipping” and “discount” mean anything to you, you should check it out. These are the two chandeliers we picked out for our room:


At 12 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ the two of them should be just the right sze. And at $159.00 a piece the price was right. Linda said she would make some fabric sleeves for the chain- have I mentioned how much I love my mother-in-law today?

3. We also picked out a comforter set online from Macy’s (also on sale! Linda has great price karma.). It will be here this week.

4. Finally my friends De’Amon and Tim came to haul off the way-too-big for the space sofa that was in the room, which involved a total of four people and taking two doors off of their hinges. P.S. That sofa was my “measure first” lesson. You only have to learn it once. And Benjamin Moore, the son, not that paint company, helped us get a dresser to the basement.

This week I will:

-Contract a painter.

-Shop for carpet.

-Get furniture to an upholsterer.

I took some before pictures of the room. I’m almost too embarrased to show them. But I suppose “befores” are supposed to be dramatically bad, right? I’ll have to think about whether they’ll go public or not.

Update: Per a request from Mom Underground to see the bedding we ordered from Macy’s:


12 Piece set $119.00. You can find it here.


New Beginnings- Benjamin Moore – Colorado Gray

Sunday as I lay on the sofa in our bedroom staring at the ceiling, listening to Claire snoring on the floor next to me and a lawn mower hum down the street, I finally made some decisions.

I think a soothing blue will allow me to use the mocha colored silk drapes I already have. This means I can keep our cheap red plaid comforter that I still like even though it’s old.

Behind the drapes I’ll use matchstick blinds.

I’ll keep two comfortable chairs and a rocker and reupholster them with fabric I have already.

We need new carpet. (Thankfully John agrees!)

I’ll replace the two over head light fixtures (word, try to avoid putting overhead light fixtures on a gabled ceiling) either with some shapely milk glass ones that disappear or with two old gold chandeliers. These days Home Depot is making some that are nice.

This is a color I will test for our walls. It is actually much lighter and softer than it appears here. Otherwise it would be too heavy for the space. Of course, it could look all wrong once it goes up. I never know until I try it.
Colorado Gray



Shred copy