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Tucked In

I love WordPress’s Tag Surfer. It pulls a bunch of stuff together for me and suddenly some ideas start to click. For instance on the issue of storage:

John and I do not spend time taking care of our shoes. I’ll come out and say it: it’s a fault. Shoes are expensive, so we should do a better job of protecting our investment.

The shoe problem is a storage issue. John and I have always struggled with the best way to store shoes. We have a rack that is only used when one of us finally gets tired of tripping over our shoes as they lay like lazy pets on the closet floor. The rack takes up too much room in our closet and the shoes slide off of it.

I love this solution. Letting gravity do the work makes a lot of sense. And it would help keep shoes’ shapes.


One person didn’t have room for this product so she made her own. (Thanks to Lucy at Lu Terceiro for the tip.)


Speaking of gravity, check out this set-up for keeping newborns near mom at night without the fear of the kid getting squashed by a snoring parent. A lever tucks under the mattress and supports the cute little bundle. I didn’t post a picture, but click the link. It’s worth it.

And while we’re on the subject of leverage at home, check out this collapsible book case.



Just Enough

Writing Room

I bought Martin Wood’s Nancy Lancaster – English Country House Style with a Barnes and Noble gift certificate Jim and Linda, John’s mom, gave me for my birthday. It has a lot of painted or printed illustrations (I often like these better than photos of interiors–I think the eye creating them sees the space better.).

This is an illustration of a closet at Ditchley Park that Lancaster turned into a writing room. The view from the window was of a lake and part of her garden. Cream and green everything, down to the tiny vases filled with flowers on the riser at the window, creates an uninterrupted connection with the out of doors for the lucky writer at the table.

The flowers and the wacky chair keep things from getting too serious.