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Princeton U. – A Good Life

I’ve been negligent about posting and checking on my favorite blogs for a lot of reasons, which I’ll explain when I figure them all out myself. One reason I do know of is that I had to prepare for the last of my consulting gigs, this one at Princeton University’s art museum.

While I was there, Caroline (not to be confused with the Caroline who cuts my hair), my host took me to eat lunch in the faculty dining hall where they have a fresh floral arrangement in the foyer every single day.


I loved the contrast between the fuchsia and pink of the flowers against the rust colored walls and wanted to remember the combination for future design inspiration.

I knew Princeton was well financed, but it never dawned on me how well until as we ate I remarked about a beautiful garden outside a nearby window. Caroline said that it was endowed with so much money that they have a hard time spending it, so they change every plant in the garden on a monthly basis, with the exception of the boxwoods and what looked to me like a few arborvitae.

I didn’t have a ton of time to tour the campus, but what I saw was really lovely. Here are just a few photos of buildings I thought were interesting:




Oh, one more fun note. Princeton is an elegant sounding name, isn’t it? Before the school was moved to Princeton and adopted the village’s name, Princeton was known as the College of New Jersey. A good PR move, I think.


Sweet Caroline

So I was looking for a new place to get my haircut because the owner of the barber shop I was going to made some snide remark to me about one of his other customers. I never trust people who do that, since unfortunately I give people too many opportunities as it is to make me the brunt of unkind comments.

So Karen suggested I try Salon Orange Moon, an Aveda salon near the church.

Called them up and made an appointment with Caroline, who quickly became my latest gay man girl crush. She’s in the picture below. Precious, no?


(Crass price discussion alert) So, check it out! For $25.00 I get Caroline, a neck massage, a hot towel facial, hot tea (or water or even a beer if I wanted it, I think) delivered to my chair, and a second rinse to get rid of the annoying little stray hairs left after the hair cut. Now that’s service.

Run, don’t walk to Salon Orange Moon on Delaware. Caroline’s booking up though, so schedule an appointment guys. And, of course, there are other folks there who can cut your hair, too! Tell ’em Troy sent you.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I put this in Good Home because this kind of treatment makes me a much nicer person at home.


Ignore Us Oh Lord

My hometown, Batesville, AR, is having a flood the likes most living there have never seen.

My mom sent me an e-mail with pictures and a comment about how floods and twisters had been the norm for the last three months.

I replied that it sounded downright Biblical and that they ought to all start acting right.

Her reply:

One lady in the paper last night said she is hoping the Lord forgets
about the locusts.


Methodist Minister Celebrates Gay Unions

I’m posting the quote below from an article about a Methodist minister who is trying to come to terms with committed gay couples in a very public way here on Good Home because I think it very much goes to the heart of what the foundations of a “good home” are. As the wedding coordinator for our church I think about this issue a lot, with very mixed emotions.

From the Washington Blade:

Rev. Dean Snyder can’t officially marry gay or lesbian couples.

But denominational bylaws won’t stop the senior pastor at Washington’s Foundry United Methodist Church from conducting services that honor same-sex couples.

“It seemed uncharitable and unfair to make such a big deal about our straight couples’ commitments and not to honor the commitments of our gay and lesbian couples when the fruits of the spirit, the signs of God’s grace, were obviously present in their relationships,” he said, “just as it was in our straight couples’ relationships.”

Snyder, who is straight, recently told his congregation he would preside over services that “recognize and honor” gay couples in committed relationships.

He said the services are not marriage ceremonies, but allow “us to gather as a congregation, and as family and friends of a couple, and say we recognize your commitment and we honor it.”

“After three years of prayer and discussion, this is where I came to,” Snyder said. “It’s not a good solution, but it’s a step in the right direction, not treating gay and lesbian couples as though their relationships didn’t coun