Cool Bigness

This is the last post for awhile that will poach from September’s Elle Decor. (Sorry, but Margaret Russell puts together an awesome spread.)

Table with Birds of Paradise copy

Here’s their view of a vignette from John Shea and Ray Booth’s Chelsea pad. I posted it because I’m trying to work larger scale objects (like the round balls on the table) into our house and proving to be a little wishy-washy in my commitment. I’m working to train my eye, but finding interesting home bigness can be a challenge. While John and Ray have traveled to Ibiza and Fire Island for their objects d’art, I’m lucky if I get up to the Home Goods store on 86th street.  I keep saying more extensive travel will be a part of our lives someday, but as Dolly Parton says, I better Get to Livin’.

Speaking of Home Goods, Dave and I were there trying to solve my living room rug dilemma in a more affordable way. While waiting in line we saw a woman with a foot-wide acorn made of leaves and pinecone husks in her basket. We were dismissive and joked quietly about the squirrel big enough to hide it. Days later, having completely forgotten our conversation, I bought THREE of them.

Giant Acorn

Giant Acorn

Dave had to remind me that I’d dogged them out just a few days earlier. I have no idea why I like them now and not then. See? Wishy-washy.

1 Response to “Cool Bigness”

  1. September 17, 2007 at 2:19 am

    The acorns look nice. I believe you are starting to place larger objects. Don’t forget your very large etched glass cylinder that you purchased at Williams Sonoma Home. Your voluminous vases from PB (that I copied, shame on me).

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