Bedroom Befores and Afters

So here’s the room (sans bookcase, not here yet). Before pics follow.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom Befores

Sitting Area

Bedroom Befores

Sitting area 3

Last Friday I picked up the 8’ x 10’ jute rug from Lowe’s ($168.00 – I’m almost afraid of how cheap it was, makes me wonder if the jute is hiding some exotic parasite or something) and a palm from Costco ($20.00-John’s mom gave me that tip).


Dave and I foraged through T. J. Maxx, William Sonoma Home and Pottery Barn for accessories on Saturday. Found some decent deals (especially at WS Home—candles and a great nautilus shell, which they sold to me even though I think it may have been for display only) and a very cool carved tree root basket from T. J. Max, which we thought John would like (he did). Had to go back on Sunday to return a few items, but not many.

Oh, and I found really good plant deals at Smith and Hawkin. I usually don’t even bother going in there (a little out of my league), but I was sort of desperate for something already potted (even I get tired of shopping eventually). P.S. Did you know S & H offers complimentary potting services for any plant you buy there?

Sleeping area

I wish I were a better photographer. You can’t see the rug under the bed very well. The bedding is from Target, except for the square pillow (Pottery Barn) and the bed skirt which we already had. It’s wrong how much I love Target.

Sleeping area

I think my favorite new things are the chandeliers. They’re drippy and sparkly (you all know I like some razzle with my dazzle). Oh, and I went with the poly sheers. They look pretty good. I probably would have loved the silk organza, but I decided the sunlight would decimate them in a couple of years, and for the money, well, it was $80.00 vs. $240.00 and this was a budget job.

John and I both read a lot in our room, so I still have to bring the books back in (maybe just not all of them) and get the leather piece made for the small chest. We want the room to have a little bit of a library as well as a “Bahamanian” (as Dave says) feel to it, to it. It doesn’t without the bookcase and our usual stacks of books everywhere.

I’m having to enjoy the beachy serenity alone this week. John is gone to Puerto Rico for work again (ugh!). At least he has a nice retreat to come home to. He says he really likes it, though I know it’s hard to compete with an actual beach.

Thanks to all of you who gave us moral support and expertise. And to those of you who contributed time, talent, product and trouble (Linda, Dave, and Mindy), we owe you.   Our psyches are eternally grateful.

10 Responses to “Bedroom Befores and Afters”

  1. 1 juliebelle
    July 10, 2007 at 4:09 am

    i think i gasped when i saw the first picture b/c of all of the brilliant light bouncing around all of the angles in the room. it’s just breathtaking. i love it.

    it’s GORGEOUS!!! everything’s so fresh and light and tasteful and balanced. it just looks like a resort to me.

    now i need you to come do my house. i have a handful of rooms that just aren’t right…can’t put my finger on anything exactly, but i know that it’s not right.

  2. 2 juliebelle
    July 10, 2007 at 4:10 am

    i just can’t believe what a difference a coat of paint makes.

    i thought i was done commenting, but i looked back at the pictures of the light, fresh walls, and i had to post a second comment.

    i’m re-thinking the rich earthy tones on our walls now………

  3. July 10, 2007 at 11:58 am

    No joke about that paint, Julie. It was the single biggest (and probably cheapest) difference maker. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue, if you didn’t catch the name in an earlier post.

    With your very cool world treasures and interesting curvy interior arches (both of which I love) you may want to actually think about white walls. I hardly ever recommend white walls, but I think your stuff is so high-octane interesting, your walls may not need much color. Something to think about. Have you ever picked up Elle Decor? I think of you a lot when I read it.

  4. July 10, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Wow – that looks absolutely wonderful!!! Amazing!!!!

  5. July 10, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Is it over, is it ever really over? Say it ain’t so…in the words of the cigarette ad targeted toward women in the 70s (can’t remember the brand) “You’ve come a long way baby!” Looks great, good job! I feel ocean breezes blowing in my ear.

  6. 6 juliebelle
    July 10, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    troy, yes, i’m a subscriber! i’ve enjoyed browsing several of the past issues. i’m a little surprised that you sometimes associate me with the magazine, however.

    i think i’m inherently a neutrals, minimalistic, nature inspired type of gal–at least all of my magazine clippings files would suggest so. but i have never had the courage to go all white. and some of our furniture is so heavy and dark and substantial…i don’t know how to balance our collections with neutrals.

    oh i have so many questions about all white. however, i did have a minor “neutrals” epiphone the other day. i picked up some brown linen curtains to go in our bedroom. i had previously sewn two green and white floral panels to go in our bedroom and never finished the third. i loved the green and white idea, but the walls were the wrong color (sort of a mushroomy-taupe, they really should have been an off-white/pale yellow shade) and it just didn’t feel right. when i put the brown curtains in the room with the mushroomy-taupey walls and our dark heavy bookcases, it just seemed to click. i learned not to try to incorporate color so much when neutral palettes are what i am craving.

    so, i’m wondering what shade of white? that’s a huge dilemma for me. it can’t be too cool. i’m afraid of it being too cool.

    and do i keep the wood trim or paint it too? i’m a big fan of painting trim a shade darker than the walls, but i’ve never really gone through with it.

    long comment, i just realized. but you have triggered something in me that i have been mulling over for some time. i just haven’t been able to articulate it yet.

    this is all very important to me because i spend so much time in the interior of our home. our interior affects my disposition, so it has to be right.

    maybe i could show you my idea file sometime.

  7. 7 juliebelle
    July 10, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    p.s. tommy and i decided to design our dream houses when we were out in the southwest. one of the designs we want to consider is a kiva–a round house.

  8. July 11, 2007 at 2:17 am

    The neutrals room sounds great. Dave and Duane both do neutrals better than I do. They should weigh in here.

    Your worldly stuff is awesome and a lot of it, if I remember correctly ,is highly saturated in color. And don’t you have some sculptural pieces with rich wood tones?

    Some tips I’ve read:

    1. Let one colorful piece be the focus of the room, let the rest of the room be about texture and form. Even though you might have off-white walls, drapes could be a warm linen or soft neutral color (keep in mind I consider moss or soft greens neutral, and sometimes soft yellows and blues, not all together though). If you have white walls, even your curtains could be some crazy colorful pattern.

    And Just because your walls might be a cream or off-white, doesn’t mean your house will be. There’s a lot of color in your stuff. Think of white walls as the margin of a page. When the script is so dynamic, the white space is necessary. If you’re nervous, maybe try one clean, crisp off-white room. Use colors in the others.

    2. No rule book says you have to have everything out at the same time. David has a “prop closet” at his house that seems bottomless to me. Things come and go out of that thing all the time. Editing gives your stuff room to breath and shine. Not that I think your house is cluttered (you are very organized), or even too colorful. That is not the feeling I get when I’m there. I actually like your house just the way it is. But if you’re thinking of new ways to do things…

    I’ll try to post some pictures of things that have made me think of you. Lord knows I need to think about something on this blog besides our bedroom.

  9. 9 crystal
    August 21, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    hot damn! you should have your own show mr troy, saying he’s scared of diyers. i wanna come lay in that room and just be under those beautiful chandeliers.

  10. October 17, 2008 at 5:10 am

    First off how clever to use this snazzy chandelier in the bedroom! That’s a cool idea. And I love the way the light comes into your window- it looks gorgeous. Great job..and I hope you really didn’t take home any critters in that jute rug. lol

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