Matchstick Shades Install Coming Soon

Dave, the installer from Lowes called to tell me that they would  install our shades next Thursday. 

Have I mentioned that for a small fee you can have someone from Lowes come out and measure your window and then let you know what kind of treatments it will structurally support?   It costs about $35.00. 
Bedroom Befores

If your project requires an inside mount, like mine did because of our roofline (see skanky before picture above), accuracy and structural information are both really important.   A half-inch off and you just paid for a pile of wood (or bamboo in our case) that won’t be going in your window without some major alteration.  And if your window frames aren’t hefty enough, heavy blinds can pull out. 

I decided to go ahead and have Dave install them, too, and that’s a decision I’m second-guessing.  Two windows ended up costing 100.00 for installation.  The shades were only a little over 100.00 for both sets*.   Still, I’m glad we don’t have to install them, and by “we” I mean John, because I’m really more “eyesy” than “handy.”  And I suspect he probably would tell you that the $100.00 bucks is a bargain.  Besides I intended for this bedroom redo to be as hassle-free as possible.  Professional measurements and installation save a lot of prep and clean-up time. 

    *This might be an argument for using a moderately priced designer rather than the semi-do-it-yourself route with help from Lowes.  Had I gone through my beloved former boss, Susan Ertel, who is a designer here in Indy (1114 Walnut St. Franklin, IN 46131, 317.736.9823), she would:

    A. Measure for free.
    B. Bring catalogs and sample books to my house and provide design advice.
    C. Get a dealer discount. (A designer charges the client a percentage above wholesale, which is typically still below retail if they are reasonable, and she is.)
    D. Handle shipping, delivery and installation, and if I’m not mistaken, for less than what I’m paying.The reason I didn’t use Susan in this case is that I’m on a short timeline, and designers usually juggle many clients, which draws out the time required to get things finished. Probably the only thing I’m saving in this project is time.

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