You Can Be Ready for ANY Party

Shirt Plate
Lori at work told me about a luau she’s planning. She showed me these plates which I instantly fell in love with. I would put my poi on the right sleeve, fruit kabobs on the left, and roasted pig on the belly part.

She got the plates and other luau stash at Celebrate Express. I hopped on board myself and I must say, there isn’t an occasion these people aren’t ready for.

John Deere

How about a John Deer Party? Dave should have thrown one of these the Halloween he dressed as the 21st century FFA-er.

There’s always the Rejoice Classic Buffet Pack. If you’re happy and you know it, say amen! And pass the Praise Cake!

Or how about a costume for the little girl in your life who idolizes French women with questionable morals?

Young Marie Antoinette

(I do love black and white together.)

Or a Can Can Dancer

Can Can
(Black Fish Net Hose sold separately-$4.50)

Finally, Karen found these bobble-head monkey kits that I think define fun. Scalp or no scalp? You decide.

Bobble Head Monkey Kit

Part of me thinks it would be a kick to go to a party with all of the above, except maybe the creepy costumes, but definitely with the bobble-head monkeys.


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