Maturity and Magic Under the Stars

(Katie and Friend)

I’m a big fan of creative parties at home, and rethinking prom is very now. This cycle’s America’s Next Top Model contestants walked prom dresses like they were teenagers scoring extra cash at a mall fashion show, or at a strip club. Not much of a difference these days.



Last week my friend Katie and her pack, all recent college grads, snubbed their noses at convention and threw a post-high school (PHS) prom. Their theme was “Maturity and Magic Under the Stars.”

I sat down with Katie so I could bask in the afterglow of her special night:


GH: Most of us never get the chance to re-prom. What inspired you to take one on?

KI: We’re always looking for an excuse to have a party. Since we’re all recent college grads, we’re still big fans of theme parties (Wait, was I supposed to give those up in my 20s?) This year we’ve had an ugly Christmas sweater party, a Super Bowl party, and a Glory Days party (guests had to wear their own high school attire -letter jackets and sports jersey included). In our minds, prom was the next logical step.

GH: I’m glad to hear this wasn’t some willy nilly decision. Who hosted your prom?

KI: A couple of our friends, Taylor and John, were moving out of their old apartment and into their new one. Since all of their furniture was gone and some time was left on the lease, we jumped on the opportunity to have the party there. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had the room for the balloon wall and two large rooms for mingling and dancing.

GH: That’s the first rule of 20-something party planning, isn’t it? Always know when your friends’ leases expire.

By the way, the balloon wall makes me very happy. Talk about bang for your decorating buck. Dorothy Draper and Jim Morrison suggested solving all design problems by painting them black, but I disagree. A balloon wall is more fun and not as nihilist.

(Three quarter turn towards each other. A little more. Great, put her hand in yours. Yeah, clasp your fingers. You two look so good together. Big smile. Beautiful. Watch your hand back there. Heh-heh. [Click.])

Speaking of nihilism, that shade of midnight blue you’re wearing is stunning! Who’d you wear?

KI: Gucci. Just kidding. I couldn’t use any of my prom dresses from back in the day, so I opted for a Goodwill original. $5.29 got me a fabulous knee-length, purple velvet dress with off the shoulder sleeves and lace and glitter accents around the neck. Very Prince circa “Purple Rain.”

The Happy Couple

GH: Well, you can’t ask much more of $5.29 than that. And “fabulous” is an understatement, at least your date certainly seems to think so. Apollonia had nothing on you. Believe it or not though, she still managed to look a little more cheap and tawdry. And please, let’s leave the Gucci prom dresses to MTV’s 16 year-old birthday girls whose parents won’t be happy until their little princess is cutting a line with R Kelly. Post High School Prom

The only hint of refreshments I see shows up in the hands of the guy stringing himself up in the back of the group photo. Open containers tended to be downplayed at my proms. How did you handle food and drink?

KI: No food, plenty of drink.

GH: Oh, you planned the FANTASY high school prom.

KI:The “prom planning committee” (Girls Gone Wild) had some drinks on hand–like a spiked punch made with vodka, Sprite, and pineapple juice and plenty of Jell-O shots.

GH: That punch needs a name. I vote for Fruit Roll-up.

KI: Done.

GH: I notice that none of the guys wore those ridiculous fake top hats, gold chains and dress-matching tuxes that so many of today’s high-schoolers love and that make them look like rejects from Taco’s Puttin’ on the Ritz video. Was there a suggested dress code for the boys?

KI:None of our friends are the chain wearing type, thank goodness, but we really didn’t have dress requirements per se. The invitation suggested that guys wear suits and girls wear dresses. Accessorizing was up to the guest – which is why Greg and Lindsay wore a fluffy king’s hat and tiara, respectively.

Dancing Queen and King

GH: Is that why? I thought someone invited Burger King. I haven’t seen a crown that puffy since the Imperial Margarine commercials stopped running in the 70s. He didn’t win homecoming king, did he? (Whispering: The double thumbs-up and extreme butt dip are hawt, but maturity never really tries that hard.) By the way, I think Lindsay may be sending you some signals for your next soiree: Project Pageant! We’ll talk about where you can send my invitation after the interview.

King and Queen

One last question, the Prom Queen –Hate her or hate her to pieces?

KI: Hate her…to pieces. I think the vote was rigged! Although they were probably the best looking couple–I have to give them that.

GH: They are cute. He did have the local celebrity thing going for him. You’re sweet to say something nice about them though, and since your dress is most like Monica Lewinsky’s I officially dub you RAGING homecoming queen, so you now trump her. Reign responsibly.


1 Response to “Maturity and Magic Under the Stars”

  1. April 5, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    That balloon wall is AWEsome. I also loved the interview format. You are so entertaining.

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