Lara Collects

Drove through snow, freezing rain and a lightning storm (!) on Saturday to get to Lara and Frank’s (and Lucy and Zoe’s) house for Movie Night. (Here in Indiana you can’t afford to let winter weather keep you from living your life.)

Our movie night selections tend toward the semi-obscure, thoughtful and fun films. This time it was Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Since Hedwig spends time in East Berlin as well as a Kansas trailer park, sources for food inspiration were plentiful. Susan brought meatless meatballs that were excellent and won the award for most ironic appetizer.

Lara and I worked together at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She is smart, fun and very stylish. Her home is lovely and I’ll post pictures of it someday, but this time around I had to show you her snowglobe collection.


Well part of it anyway, there’s actually another wall of them.


I keep meaning to ask Lara about this one with the woman in flames (in a snow globe–tee hee) and chains. Every time I’m there I end up looking at it for a long time and then forget to ask Lara where it came from.

Frequently home collections made up of things like snowglobes show up in more random or haphazard interiors, but Lara is a highly ordered person, which came in very handy when we worked together. Here’s one picture (of a kickin’ etagere) to prove that Lara and Frank’s primary decorative impulse isn’t wacky Fun House…


1 Response to “Lara Collects”

  1. 1 Lara
    March 22, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Hey! Last movie night had to be the worst weather on record! The snowglobe full of brimstone and fire with the chick in chains I believe came from my college sweetheart. He is a great guy, and needless to say very supportive of my penchant for snowglobes and wacked out portrayals of melodrama therein!

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