At WS Home

Dave, Ken and I tromped through the snow for a Williams-Sonoma Home fix. I love this store because even though it is small, the number of chairs that actually feel as smart as they look is impressive.

Once John and I went to Kittles, an “upscale” furniture store here in Indy with a sales floor so large they must measure it in acres. Aside from being exhausted from the walk (we never did find the tram), I sat in fifty chairs and the most comfortable one was a folding metal number near the sales counter.

Dave is a fluffer

This highback mini-sofa (not full length, yet not a love seat either) at WSH was quite nice, however (wish I’d gotten a profile view). It hits you in all the right places. I sat all over it. Dave, good retail guest that he is, fluffed the pillows back up after I squashed them.

As I took this photo the sales person told us about a family that came in at Christmas time. They had someone take their picture in one of their designed room vignettes. She could tell they were going to pass it off as their family’s holiday card (“… such a great year for us.”)

I was horrified that someone would do this. Then I decided Ken and I should have our picture taken in one of their designed vignettes. I chose a couple of chairs (again, SO comfortable) with David Hicks-ish fabric. For effect I picked up a candle holder to sub as a pony glass and closed my eyes to make it look completely candid. No one would believe we weren’t “at home with Ken Paul.”

At home with Ken Paul

The next time friends send you a photo holiday card in which they look suspiciously prosperous you may want to look for the price tags.

1 Response to “At WS Home”

  1. February 21, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    This shopping event was a blast! I laugh hysterically each time I see the “less is more” look on your face in this photo in the living room. Troy, I am really excited for your new blog and know that with your talents I will probably stop subscribing to home magazines.
    P.S.-Love the paint chip masthead on your main page.

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